Green tartan ankle boots from ASOS

If you follow fashion at all, you’ll probably already know that tartan is currently being touted as one of this winter’s big trends. Is it just me, or does the fashion press seem to say that about tartan almost every winter?

Having grown up in Scotland, I tend to view tartan as almost “novelty” kind of fabric/print, and while I love the way Vivienne Westwood uses it, I’m less keen on it the rest of the time, and not sure at all whether I can get on board with the idea of wearing it on my feet, as in the case of these green tartan ankle boots from ASOS.

In their defence, this is a much less garish tartan than some, and it does have a very cosy, wintry feel to it.

What do you think of these?

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  • I’ve been debating whether or not to buy these ever since I saw them. They’re adorable, and plaid is one of my favorite patterns.

  • I agree, tartan seems to have a fashion comeback every single year. I have the same impression regarding leopard print. And no, I don’t want these on my feet.

  • You know, I love the shape of these and I really dig on some (peep-toe-less) shoe boots. And I like tartan I suppose, who doesn’t. I just don’t like it when it’s green and yellow, it reminds me of this picnic rug we always used when I was a kid and strikes me as incredibly daggy. Maybe I’m just the type who likes things MORE garish?

  • Ok, I had to weigh in. Fantastic- I have to have them. I totally agree with you- it is a “trend” for every winter season, but I so look forward to it. I’ve had tartan sweaters, skirts, pants, even shorts- but shoes makes me very happy. To me, tartan feels very classic and makes me feel nostalgic for wintery places-like New England or Scotland.

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