Unusual Shoes Tuesday | Alexander McQueen two-tone patent-leather ankle boots

sock boots

Alexander McQueen two-tone patent-leather ankle boots, £650

Over at The Fashion Police, I refer to shoes like this as Footwear Impostors. You see, they’re boots… but they’re trying to trick you into thinking they’re a pair of Mary Jane shoes, worn with white socks. Don’t be fooled, shoeperstars (not that I think anyone would be, of course…): these are most definitely boots, and while they’re not terribly unusual, I thought these Alexander McQueen ones were different enough from the styles I usually feature to be our Unusual Shoes Tuesday pick.

Now, I have to be honest: I’ve never been a fan of Footwear Impostors – mostly because I wouldn’t ever wear black shoes with white socks anyway, so I definitely don’t want to wear boots that create that impression! Even if I WAS into the “shoes and socks” look, I think I’d rather have the flexibility of knowing I could change the socks whenever I wanted to, rather than being stuck with the same old combination every single time.

That’s just me, though: I guess you could argue that these are a practical solution to those days when it’s really too cold for shoes, but you want to wear them anyway. I’ll leave that up to you to decide, and while you’re making your mind up, here are some other Footwear Impostors I’ve spotted over the years!

shoes with socks

Because who DOESN’T always pair their thickest socks with their most business-like courts?

sergio rossi bootsSergio Rossi makes it possible for you to wear thigh-high boots, while looking like you’re wearing t-bar shoes.

Pada Mary Jane Boots

Prada’s infamous ‘prosthetic leg’ boots: lovely!

Although the Alexander McQueen boots are current stock, and available to buy now, most of the rest of these are older styles, so I’m afraid they’re out of stock. If you desperately want to try and track down a pair, though, here’s my advice on where to find shoes that are sold out.

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