High Heel Wellies | High heel Hunter boots for wet-weather Shoeperwomen!

It’s hard to believe the boots at the top of the page are wellies, but they are: they’re Louis Vuitton’s high heel wellies, from the Autumn 2010 collection, and they’re basically the holy grail of high heel wellies, so if you can find a pair – at an affordable price – you’re a better Shoeperhero than I am.

Also high on the wellies Lust List are these ones from DSquared2:

red high-heel wellies by DSquared2

Again, these are from the Spring 2012 collection, so they’re no longer available to buy. Why are high heel wellies so hard to find, I wonder? Don’t shoe designers know how many heel-lovers there are out there who have to wear wellies for purely-practical reasons, but who don’t want to give up their heels? An un-tapped market, I’m sure.

At a slightly more affordable price-point, there’s also these by Hunter:
high heel wellies

Now, previously, Hunter Boots have always fallen into the category or “nice, but not something I’d spend a lot of money on” for me. I mean, I LIKE them, but there are just so many nice shoes I could buy for the same price, and shoes will always, always win out over wellies for me. I know several people who own, and absolutely love, their Hunters, though, and because I’m vain enough, and addicted to heels enough to be totally the type of person who’d wear high heel wellies (Well, it’s not like I’d be trying to climb mountains in them or anything, and I actually find heeled boots more comfortable than flats boots), these heeled versions caught my attention last week at Shopbop.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m unlikely to be spending $165/$195 on wellies anytime soon. For those of you who would, though, I offer these as an alternative to the more classic style of Hunters: what do you think of them?


  • Definitely not for me, I’m afraid. I’d love a pair of shiny red Hunter wellies, but mine need to be sturdy enough to deal with dog-walking mud in extremely uneven fields – I have enough trouble staying on my feet in flat wellies where oversized sods of turf and deceptively deep puddles are concerned as it is!

    I think I feel the same way about Hunters with heels as I do about shiny new Landrovers that never go off-road…

    Still, knowing how wet the environs of Edinburgh can get, I can see how they might prove practical! 🙂

  • Well, it’s an alternative to rainy weather and some “elegance”, I mean, through high heels. I have a heeled pair of Marc Jacobs wellies, so, why not these ones too!

  • I like the idea but they just need to be “tweeked”. Maybe a little more industrial feel. Not sure about the price tag either??

  • I just love rainboots, especially when shiny, tall and high heels!!!
    Get them, use them and let me see them!!! 😉

  • Love, Love, Love.. practical for Melbourne torrential rain, great for travelling through Europe in the winter… and super sexy with a tartan skirt!!!!!

  • The boots are cute. Just because it’s wet & muddy doesn’t mean a girl still can’t look her best. However….they are kinda expensive. I just choose to wear a pair of last year’s stiletto boots. They fit tighter so they don’t pull off when the mud gets deep.

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