DSquared2 red high heeled Wellington boots

red rain boots with high heel

OK, these might just be the best Wellington boots ever. Ever 

Well, OK, these and the Louis Vuitton heeled rain boots I wrote about last year, and would still totally buy if they miraculously went on sale for, like, £50, as opposed to however-many-hundred they actually cost.

And, look, I know: a lot of you think that high-heeled Wellies are just the last word in ridiculous. Who on earth would be vain enough to want high heeled rain boots, you wonder, when rain boots are designed for purely practical purposes? Well, I’ll tell you who would want them: this girl would. I don’t wear rubber boots to muck out cattle or plod through the countryside up to my ears in mud, you see. I wear them to walk in the rain. On pavements. These ones are the perfect shade of Shoeperhero red: they have a high heel, a fabulous shape, and they’re completely waterproof, so they won’t get ruined in the rain. They don’t even look like Wellington boots, actually, so my main problem would be trying to stop myself wearing them when it was totally dry out.

Actually, I lie. My main problem would be justifying spending £688 on wellies. And you know what? I just couldn’t do it. Not even for the best Wellington boots ever. I can justify a high heel on a rain boot, you see, but not an almost £700 price tag.

I do want them, though.

These are by DSquared2 and you can click here to buy them at Louisa Via Roma.


  • They do look like you need to wear a cape with them – not the English country-inspired, but the Man of Steel-kind.

    My biggest problem with high-heeled wellies (even if I WERE to wear them), is the zipper. The awesomeness of a rubber boot is that SHOULD you step into a puddle at the end of your pavement, your footsies stay dry. Not so with a zipper.

  • I love DSquared2..ma I don’t like these boots…maybe because I don’t like boots in general…but they seem to me like..too heavy… the colour is amazing although!

  • I agree best rain boots ever! I would totally wear them in rainy weather. They are heeled, they are waterproof and they are red. I don’t like the usual non-heeled wellies, but these are fantastic. But, I couldn’t justify their price either. 🙁

  • You could actually get “almost exactly” the same pair (but without the buckle and zipper) way cheaper! at one of the international ebay stores – they are made in Thailand.

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