Havaianas ‘Always Summer’ rain boots

Havaianas are well-known for their flip-flops, but I’ve only just realised that the brand also makes rain boots. I guess that makes sense: I mean, they’ve got shoes for hot, dry weather, so they may as well go to the other extreme, and make shoes for soaking wet weather, too!

This particular style is called ‘Always Summer’, and I kind of like the irony of a pair of rain boots featuring a gorgeous, summer scene, with not a drop of rain in sight. These aren’t cheap at £50, but if you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain, you may well consider it a worthwhile investment. Click here to buy them at Selfridges.


  • They are kind of unbeatable within the flip-flop field, I’m curious to know if their new “winter” attempt will do well… at least, they had good humor with the print! I found them interesting, but they are flat – and flat are not for me…

    • Lately I’ve been going for heels over flats as well, but in my opinion, if the weather is bad enough that I’m wearing wellies, than there is no way I am going to wear heels!

  • Those are too cute! Although, I rarely wear my whimsical rain boots (brown with pink flowers and purple paisleys) so I doubt I’d wear these either.

  • Had heard of Havaianas making wellies so I’m pleased to find them here. These are quite cute, and would really brighten up a rainy, but yes with that price tag, it may only be for places where it rains A LOT.

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