Georgina Goodman peep-toe ‘Kiss’ pumps

We can always count on Georgina Goodman to do something interesting with her footwear designs, and these peep toe pumps have no less than three interesting features. The writing on the heel is the obvious one, of course, but the heel itself is also an unusual shape, with that little curve at the top, and then there’s the embellishment at the back, which we’ve seen Georgina Goodman do before, and which I still have no idea how to describe.

On a personal level, I can’t really imagine wanting to walk around with the word “kiss” on my feet (an invitation to passers-by to treat you like a goddess and kiss your feet, perhaps?) but I suspect it won’t be long before some celebrity or other shows up wearing these. Will you be wearing them, though? If you will, you can buy them at the Georgina Goodman website for £445.


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