Five on Friday |Floral Midi Skirts

Last week’s Five on Friday centred around floral mini dresses, and this week I thought I’d continue the floral theme with five floral midi skirts. Well, it was either that or floral midi dresses: can you tell I’m really into florals right now? It’s all because of the sunny weather: for once, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week, and whenever that happens, I grab the opportunity to wear one of my favourite summer prints.

Quick note for the pedantic among you: I’m calling these skirts “floral midi skirts”, because that’s how the retailers describe them – quite a few of them are knee-length, though, so you get that full-skirt look, without that difficult calf-length hem. So they’re not all “midi” in the true sense of the word, but they ARE much longer than last week’s mini dresses, so let’s just go with it.

Here are five floral midi skirts I love…

floral midi skirts roundup

Oasis Chelsea Print Midi Skirt

I basically just want Oasis to be my wardrobe right now. If they could just parcel everything up and send it all over in my size, that would be AWESOME, thanks. Seriously, though, Oasis have really out-done themselves with their summer collection, and while floral prints have always been one of their strong points, I think this pretty skirt could be one of their best releases yet.

Miss Selfridge floral print midi skirt

Miss Selfridge floral print midi skirt

I wrote recently about how Miss Selfridge is often under-rated, and this skirt is a good example of why I think they deserve more attention than they tend to get: how sweet is this?

pink floral midi skirt

True Violet floral print midi skirt

The satin fabric on this skirt makes it a little dressier than some of the others, but you could still easily dress it down for a summer’s day.

Forever UNique Bell Midi Skirt

Forever Unique Bell Midi skirt

“The bigger, the better” is my motto when it comes to full skirts – I love this bell shape floral number for exactly that reason!

Ted baker hanging Garden full skirt

Ted Baker Hanging Garden Full Skirt

Last but never least, Ted Baker is another brand that has my heart right now. This is another website that’s chock-full of florals, and this particular skirt is one of many I could have chosen for this roundup – go take a look!

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