French Sole ‘Love Heart’ ballet flats


The pair on the far right look a lot like slippers to me, and I could do without the writing on ALL of them, but I love animal print shoes, and I love love-hearts, so it stands to reason that I’d at least like the shoes in the middle of the picture above. And I do, although even I can see that they’re a little bit like a child’s drawing of a shoe. These are by French Sole, who need no introduction as the makers of fabulous ballet flats. These ones are £155, and won’t be to everyone’s taste: luckily there are plenty more where they came from!

BUY: French Sole Love Heart ballet flats, £115


  • they’re kinda cute but seem a bit expensive for the slipperesque footwear:) oh btw, did you ever post about the zombie stomper peeptoes? I hope I didn’t miss the post! I was checking like crazy:D

  • I’m not feeling it.

    1. They look like novelty “sexy” slippers that underwear shops sell near valantines..(because everyone needs sexy slippers)

    2. £155? I could fly to France, charter a boat and catch my own “french sole” for that.

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