Shoeperwoman to the Rescue! Find me flat Mary Janes!

toe-cap-mary-janesAlthough I’ve mostly been showing you a good, bad and downright ugly selection of shoes over the past couple of weeks, the real function of a shoe superhero is to help rescue you all from shoe disasters, so here’s my first mission, in the shape of a plea for help from Shoeperwoman reader Chloe (Who, by the way, has one of the cutest little puppies in the world: I know because she sent me picture. Squee!).

Chloe writes…

Hi Shoeperwoman!

I am after some shoe help. I use a wheelchair all the time but do stand/walk when getting into cars, going to the toilet etc. Because of this I am unable to wear heels as it isn’t very safe. I love the look of ballet pumps but have very high arches and scrunched up toes so ballet pumps don’t stay on my feet. I am after some flat, smart and cute Mary-Janes, preferably not too expensive! I can’t stand brogues or other flat lace up shoes so that’s not an option.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Chloe x

Hi Chloe!
You don’t say what kind of budget you’re on here, but I think the Dorothy Perkins Mary Janes above look more expensive than they actually are, anyway: they have a bit of a Chanel vibe to them, but they’re only £20, and are vry classic/chic. They’re available in white or blush uppers, both of which should be reasonably versatile, and Faith actually have a really similar pair, with a quilted upper, on sale at the moment for £22.40. Dolce & Gabbana, meanwhile, do a t-bar version which is £255:
Speaking of Faith, their ‘Apitch’ flats also have a strap across the foot, and are down to £20 in the sale:
I know leopard print isn’t everyone’s thing (I love it, but I know lots of people don’t), but these are also available in plain black and hot pink.
Something a little more formal:

‘Clipper’ bow Mary Janes, £15, Office

Of course, the issue with these is that although flats tend to be more comfortable than stilettos, they don’t always offer a huge amount of arch support, and that could be an issue with your high arches. If you can manage a small heel (or possibly a low wedge) you may find it gives you more support, or you can also look into buying arch supports if your flats aren’t giving you enough support.

And now I’m going to turn this one over to the readers, and see if they can come to the rescue with some more suggestions for you. So, anyone spotted a flat Mary Jane that Chloe might like?

(P.S. I’m assuming from Chloe’s email address that she’s in the UK, which is why I’ve picked shoes from UK-based stores)


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