Flower power at Topshop

It all started with these boots:

Topshop floral ankle boots

I’ve been seeing them all over Instagram for the past few weeks, and damn, but those boots look amazing on the pages of the ‘gram, don’t they? I’ve learned to my cost, however, that there’s a big difference between how something looks as part of a perfectly-styled flatlay, and how they look on my own feet, and as much as I love the look of  these, and find them a welcome relief from all of the dull black and brown boots we see at this time of year, I suspect they’d end up being the kind of purchase I’d buy, love… but then never actually wear. Which would be a tragedy, I’m sure you’ll agree.

These did, however, inspire me to take a look at the Topshop website, and see what else they had on offer, and whaddya know – the boots aren’t the only examples of floral footwear out there right now. Take a look at these spring-inspired sandals, for instance:

floral platform shoes

Now, I absolutely love the white and lilac floral print on these, and if they were a dress or skirt, I’d be all over it like a rash. I’m less keen on the chunky heel and platform, though, which creates a silhouette which still seems a little dated to me, although I’m sure it’s probably the very height of fashion right now. Back to the boots section I went, then, and that’s where I found these:

gingham floral ankle boots

“Summer” and “boots” aren’t two words I often use together, but I think these would have to be the summeriest pair of ankle boots I’ve ever seen. If the gingham print is a bit too much for you, they also come with a plain black upper, which is still very distinctive – and probably a whole lot easier to style, too.

What do you think of them?

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