Fendi’s shearling ankle boots. They’re wearing a wig, aren’t they?

fedi-shearling-ankle-bootsWhen I said I was re-naming today The Day of Alarming Ankle Boots? I was actually joking. JOKING. But the Shoeniverse apparently decided to take me seriously (and let me tell you, I should hardly EVER be taken seriously…), and that’s obviously why, just a few short minutes later, I found myself staring at these.

And to be honest, given that it’s Monday morning, and I’m still only on my first cup of coffee, I think that’s just a bit MUCH, no?

So, these are Fendi’s shearling ankle boots. Now, putting aside the materials, which I know some of you will hate, I’m just going to point out the obvious: they’re wearing a toupe, aren’t they? And not only that, they’re wearing a really bad toupe. In fact, here’s all I can think of when I look at these…


Time for more coffee for me. If you look at these and DON’T see a boot in a wig, but just an ordinary, inoffensive boot, however, you can buy them from Browns for Ā£555.

BUY: Fendi Shearling Ankle Boots, Ā£555


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