Dorothy Perkins pewter t-bar court shoes

pewter t-bar

Dorothy Perkins pewter t-bars, £32

Gold tends to be my metallic of choice when it comes to shoes – or clothing, for that matter. Silver is beautiful, but can be a little too cool for my skintone, so pewter is a nice in-between: it’s a little bit warmer than pure silver, but creates a similar kind of look, and is every bit as versatile.

These Dorothy Perkins t-bars have a nice, vintage feel to them, courtesy of the t-bar strap, with the little button fastening. They remind me if the kind of shoes you might wear to do a bit of old-fashion ballroom dancing, and I guess the mid-height heel would be the perfect height for that kind of thing, too!

Sticking with the “dance” theme, although moving away from ballroom, I couldn’t resist styling these as part of a kind of “modern flapper” outfit, complete with art deco accessories.  I guess a feather headband and 20s-style bob would be taking the theme a little too far, but I’m not going to claim I wasn’t tempted!

modern flapper outfit

What to wear with t-bar shoes:


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  • I like pewter too. I was going to say that I am wearing pewter shoes right now, but it turns out they’re platinum. Clearly I don’t know the difference between my metals.

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