Dorothy Perkins gold gem detail open pumps

Dorothy Perkins gold gem detail open pumps

Dorothy Perkins gold gem detail open pumps, £15

It’s the season of flat sandals, folks. Normally these words would fill me with dread – as I mentioned last week, I normally think of flat sandals as “little girl shoes”, but it seems the fashion world has really picked up its game in this respect lately, and this season I’ve been surprised to find quite a fair pairs I’d happily add to my collection.

These open-toed Dorothy Perkins flats are currently right at the top of the list. They’re currently down to £15 in the sale, but are only £20 full-price, which makes them affordable enough to get the white version too, should you want to. Or two pairs of the gold, even. Because you just know you’ll wear these until they fall apart, don’t you? Or is that just me?

I love the fact that these are such a practical summer style –  easy to walk in, and with lots of open sections to let your feet breathe – and yet there’s nothing even remotely “practical” about the way they look. I mean, a shiny gold upper with a crystal embellishment on the toe puts these firmly into “dress shoe” territory, but the fact that they’re flat means I wouldn’t hesitate to wear them with jeans, or any other causal outfit I happened to be wearing.

What I’d most like to wear them with, however, is this Elise Ryan striped prom dress:

Elsie Ryan prom dress

This is so stunning, with its organza fabric, fitted waist and full skirt. It’s super-simple, but will have tons of impact, and it’s also just £40 on sale.

For a totally different look, I also really like this Fever Fish pencil dress:

fever fish pencil dress

This is one I wouldn’t wear with the sandals, because I think it would look much better with a court shoe, but it’s a lovely dress, and also very nicely priced, at £30.

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