Friday Fix | Christian Loubutin ‘Nicole’ Mesh-Inset Caged Sandal

Christian Loubutin 'Nicole' Mesh-Inset Caged Sandal

Christian Loubutin ‘Nicole’ Mesh-Inset Caged Sandal, £683

Before we get onto ‘Nicole’ here, who is our Friday Louboutin Fix of the week,  I feel I can no longer ignore this:

high heeled sneakers by Christian Louboutin

These are called ‘Boltina‘, and as you can see, they’re high-heeled sneaker boots, which are words I never thought I’d find myself typing in the same sentence as “Christian Louboutin”. They’re definitely not my style, and they’re not really a style I’ve come to associate with the brand either, but they keep on popping up during my Friday Fix searches, and they seem to be selling well at the Louboutin website, so I figured some of you might appreciate them.

As for those who don’t, however, well, that’s why I started this post with the beautiful gold sandals at the top of the page. I don’t have a huge amount to say about these because, let’s face it, we’ve all seen gold sandals a million times before: you all know I’m going to comment on how versatile they’ll be with evening wear, and how you could probably try to dress them down a little – not a LOT, mind you – if you really wanted to.

I won’t repeat myself by pointing out all of that again, then, but I couldn’t let these go ignored, because they’re beautiful, classic, and, above all, NOT SNEAKERS.

I just had to get that out of my system.


  • The idea of wearing this type of Christian Louboutin high heel sneakers doesn’t quite endear my sentiments, but I can see people liking them. Right now, I think it’s more for the novelty of wearing CL heels. There have been other attempts to market sneakers with heels of less height, but they didn’t really seem to catch on. These heels will probably go the same path, especially being so high, but who knows the fickle minds of individual desires.

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