ASOS POPPY Peep Toe High Heels With Bow

dotty shoes with bow

ASOS poppy bow peep toe shoesASOS Poppy Bow Peep toe shoes, £45

It’s not often I buy shoes on sight these days. (In fact, it’s not often I buy shoes AT ALL these days, if you want to know the truth: for some reason those show-stoppers I just MUST have don’t seem to come along all that often  – or they do, but they’re £700.) Normally when I find a pair of shoes I like, I’ll add them to my Pinterest Wish List, then I’ll mull the purchase over for a good long while – adding them to my shopping basket then removing them again, and repeating this process until the shoes finally sell out. And THEN I decide that yes, I REALLY wanted those shoes, actually: whoops!

These shoes, however, were different. These ones were in my basket the second I saw them, and should be on their way to me by the time you read this. Well, I’ve always had a soft spot for a puffy bow (I’m sure there’s a better, more technical term for that, but I always think of this a “puffy bow”, so a puffy bow it is…), and I LOVE spotty patterns, so it really wasn’t a hard decision to make, particularly given that the shape itself is very reminiscent of some of the Ted Baker shoes I already own, and wear as often as possible.

These have a textile upper which probably won’t be particularly hard-wearing given that the background is white, but I’d only be wearing them on warm, dry days, and am not planning to be walking miles in them either, so I’m sure I’ll cope. Now I’m just keeping everything crossed that they’re as nice in real life as they look in the product shots! (Oh, and if you’re not a fan of the dots, these also come in a gold satin which would make lovely dress or wedding shoes!)


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