Friday Fix: Christian Louboutin Volpi150mm in green

I’m just going to assume you don’t actually need me to write a post about these shoes, do you? So I can just continue staring at the pretty shoes, while you imagine what I’d say about them if I hadn’t been rendered speechless at the very sight of them, yes?

(I bet these shoes are even more beautiful in real life. I just BET they are.)

Actually, the description of these on Louboutin website made me smile this morning, so here it is too:

“In Italian, Volpi means fox. In Louboutin Language, Volpi defines the fox that stands in her.”

Hee! Don’t you just love the fact that Louboutin has his own language? And that he capitalises it? It’s not just a Louboutin language, it’s a Louboutin Language. Love it. And love the shoes, too, but that goes without saying. Click here to buy yourself a pair.


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