Christian Louboutin Maplesoft gold glitter wedges

Christian Louboutin Maplesoft gold glitter wedges

Christian Louboutin wedge heel




Christian Louboutin Maplesoft gold glitter wedges, £450

If you think wedges can’t ever be glamorous, here’s Christian Louboutin’s ‘Maplesoft’ to prove you wrong!

With a streamlined shape which is a million miles away from the chunky, clumpy shapes many of us associate with wedge shoes, these have all the glamour of a stiletto, with all the comfort of a wedge. Well, maybe. Christian Louboutin did once famously say that comfort is “not part of [his] creative process”, and these do have a high heel and no platform, so comfort isn’t exactly guaranteed here, I have to admit. Style most definitely is, though, and I love everything about these, from the gold, glitter upper, to the slingback heel and crossover toe.

The narrow wedge heel makes these shoes almost as distinctive from the back as they are from the front or side. You don’t get that flash of red sole which is synonymous with Christian Louboutin shoes, but of course, but if your interest is in the shoe itself, rather than the status symbol, you DO get to see the gold leather of the insole, which contrasts nicely with the glitter of the heel itself, and finishes the design nicely.

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  • It goes without saying that these shoes are very nice, but for some reason they seem like they look cheap to me. I know, that’s basically shoe blasphemy and I can’t really put my finger on why, but I think it’s the way the glitter is on there. I’ve seen glitter wedges like that on cheaper sites like Urbanog and Go Jane. I’m sure that in person they are clearly worlds away, but on my screen they look very similar.

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