Salvatore Ferragamo Sea Studded Leather Bow Pumps

Salvatore Ferragamo Sea Studded Leather Bow Pumps


Salvatore Ferragamo Sea Studded Leather Bow Pumps, £538.22

I’ll be honest: I’ve never really “got” the hype about Salvatore Ferragamo, or why so many women covet this brand’s shoes. I’m assuming they must be very well-made, given the price they tend to sell for, and I know the flats in particular are considered a classic, but – and this may well be controversial – to me they’ve always looked a bit like little old lady shoes, which is why I rarely ever feature them here.

These ‘Sea’ pumps, however, are a different story. They do have a fairly “sensible” shape (I know “sensible” is the wrong word for a 4″ heel, but something about the silhouette of the shoe, and the shape of the bow, gives off that vibe), but it would be a pretty bad-ass little old lady who’d wear shoes covered in studs (one day I hope to be just such an old lady!), and that vamp goes a long way towards making feel a little more contemporary.

Would I spend £538 on them? Not a chance. With that amount of money to spend on shoes, I’d be headed straight to Louboutin or Miu Miu for sure. These have made me like Salvatore Ferragamo a little more than I did, which is why they’re appearing here today.

What do you think of these?

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  • Every now and then, SF come out with something like this which makes me love them even more. I know what you mean about the “old lady” style they usually do though. However, I do have a pair of their flats and they are truly excellent.

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