Pink ‘Polyanna’ cut-out wedges with t-bar and bow from Moda in Pelle

I’ve described these shoes as “cut out wedges”, purely because Moda in Pelle did, and, well, it’s their shoe, so they get to call it whatever they like. Really, though, it’s just a very chunky heel, with a very thick platform, creating that almost-wedge-but-not-quite shape. I’d be interested to know if these are as comfortable to walk in as wedges tend to be, though: that would be another point in their favour, if so.

The very chunky shape of these shoes is very much of the moment: we’ll be seeing a lot more of this kind of shape this summer, but I think Moda in Pelle have done a particularly good job here, with the bow and t-bar helping make these shoes stand out.

These are £89.95 and are also available with a snake-print upper. Click here to buy them.


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