Christian Louboutin Lady Peep ‘Towel’

Christian Loubutin Lady Peep towel

Oh, M. Louboutin, NO.

From a distance, I thought I was going to love these. I thought it was a simple, two-tone version of the Lady Peep platforms, which I love, in a particularly nice shade of sky blue. I was even going to make them the subject of the Friday Night Louboutin Fix.

Then I looked closer.

And now I want to cry. I mean, what on earth made him think this particular shoe – or ANY shoe, for that matter – really needed to have an upper made out of a TOWEL? It’s just so wrong. And it’s even more wrong in white:

Lady Peep towel

What’s even worse about these shoes is that with a leather or suede upper, I’d have loved them. But with the towel… I just see a REALLY expensive towel. And a shoe tragedy into the bargain.

Is it just me? Do you think towel uppers are the footwear of the future? Click here to buy them, if so.


  • I have 3 pairs(colours) of these and they are fantastic, gorgeous, and comfy. I suppose the pink Bollywoods are also terrible. Maybe you just out of touch with this summer seasons fashion. The light blue ones go perfectly with my blue and white sorbet Louis Vuitton bag 🙂

    • Maybe you just out of touch with this summer seasons fashion.

      Or maybe I just have different taste from you? People like different things: it’s a bit sad that you feel the need to try to insult me just because I dared to have an opinion on a pair of shoes …

  • Insult you? I was not trying to insult you, just stating a fact, and that Christian Louboutin is a French fashion house and you are American,so you obviously have different tastes to Europeans. I would not mind if you just said you did not like them, but to call them an expensive towel is childish and not very constructive criticism. These particular shoes are very in this summer in Europe and are now sold out in most boutiques. Shame I could not get the pink released in Asia as well 🙂

    And ladies, if anything, we in Europe avoid anything seen on a Kardashian like the plague. She is a paria famous simply because the media told America she is…madness.

    • No, I’m not American, I’m European: no idea where you’re getting your information from, but it’s not correct. I’m actually a huge Louboutin fan, and own many of his shoes – these ones just happen not to be to my taste, and to say that I’m “obviously out of touch with fashion” just because I don’t like every single thing a particular designer makes is a “childish insult”, as you call it. There’s obviously not much point in continuing with this discussion, though: I happen to think that different people have different tastes, and that it would be pretty boring if we all liked the same things (I also don’t care what’s “in”, or what the Kardashians wear – I make up my own mind about things, and don’t just blindly follow fashion, but each to their own); you seem to think that anyone who doesn’t like exactly the same things you like must be “childish” and “out of touch”, and that you must insult them. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on that one.

  • Um, Shoeperwoman lives in Scotland. In Europe!!

    Personally I have to say I really dislike them. I’m definitely not American either, and lived in France for quite a while, but each to thier own as they say!

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