Friday FIx | Christian Louboutin ‘Cross Me’ platform sandals

Christian Louboutin 'Cross Me' platform sandals

Christian Louboutin ‘Cross Me’ platform sandals, £719

These are the kind of shoes that make people who hate high heels wince in horror, and those who love them smile knowingly.

Yes, they’re very high: at just a touch under 6″, the stiletto heel is one of the highest you’ll find on a shoe, without venturing into “fetish” territory. What heel lovers know, however, is that the thick platform may make the shoes even higher (it’ll also completely change your perspective on the world: any time I wear shoes this high, it takes a couple of minutes to adjust to the feeling of being that bit taller – and being the same height as my husband, for a change!), it also make them FEEL lower. This is one of the reasons that platforms may go in and out of fashion, but will probably never disappear from the shoe world completely.

Speaking of fashion, this style of shoe is currently on its way back IN. Shoe fashions tend to change more slowly than clothing fashions do, so there’s always a period of adjustment when this happens: after a few years of seeing predominantly non-platformed styles in the shops, the eye has to readjust to thick soles again. I’m not quite there yet, which is why, although I do like these shoes, they wouldn’t be the first pair of Louboutins I’d rush to buy if I suddenly found myself in possession of £719. Give it another few months, though, and you never know what might happen!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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