Charlotte Olympia Coquette Poodle-Head Slide

shoes with fluffy poodle head embellishment

Charlotte Olympia poodle slides, £517

Uh-oh: the poodle is back!

You didn’t like the last pair of “poodle shoes” I showed you from Charlotte Olympia, and I very much doubt you’ll like these ones any better, but if a fluffy apricot poodle can’t brighten up your Wednesday morning, what can, I ask you?

OK, so these may not exactly have brightened up anyone’s day, but although I wouldn’t buy them myself, shoes like this always fascinate me, purely because I just can’t imagine who would actually buy them. Oh, I can imagine someone buying them if they were CHEAP, and then either wearing them as a joke, or maybe even because they REALLY like poodles, but the fact is that these are £517, and oddly juxtapose an elegant evening sandal with what looks like a stuffed animal that’s been cruelly beheaded. Are there really people who’d look at them and think, “Yup, I know where my £500 is going this month!” And if so, can I meet them, because I bet those people have a story or two to tell, seriously.

Regardless of what I think of them personally, though, I just can’t be mean about them, because they have a FACE, which means my mind has already attributed feelings, and a personality to them. And now I feel sorry for them, so I better end here before I convince myself I should buy them, just to make it up to them…

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  • “I just can’t be mean about them, because they have a FACE” – yeah, exactly. Like those severed stag heads at hunting lodges. That was my very first reaction to seeing these shoes and now that’s ALL I see.

  • I had to laugh at “Yup, I know where my £500 is going this month!” lol. I agree with Anna, with the head being the first thing I noticed about these shoes, that’s the only thing that I can see now. One thing I can say about these shoes is, most definitely, they ARE unique :).

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