Unusual Shoes Tuesday | Charlotte Olympia Cheeky platform heels, plus more unusual pairs of shoes

unusual shoes: legs shoes by Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia Cheeky pumps

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I’m a big fan of Charlotte Olympia, but when I come across shoes like these ones, I start to understand why the brand tends to divide opinion.

These are called ‘Cheeky’, and I guess that’s ONE way to describe them, for sure. The main feature here, as if I need to mention it, is the lower half of a female form, holding up the heel. I talked a bit in last week’s ‘Unusual Shoes’  about my feelings regarding heels-that-don’t-look-like-heels, but I think heels-that-look-like-humans are possibly even worse than any other variety of the genre. I actually find these quite creepy, so I’ll be interested to hear everyone else’s views on them – although I think I can probably guess what you’re going to say!

For shoes that are unusual WITHOUT having a heel that looks like it belongs on something else, meanwhile, check out these sneakers:

blue fur sneakers

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2014 was the year sneakers became “trendy”, as opposed to simply practical. I don’t totally hate the trend: in fact, I even bought a couple of pairs of Converse this summer, in a bid to get on board with it (Although, I have to confess that I haven’t actually worn them yet. I like the shoes, I just don’t like the way they look with any of my outfits!) but I do hate the latest variation of it, which involves covering sneakers in fur, as in the example above. I can’t be the only person who thinks this would make you look like one of The Muppets, can I? Can I?

On the subject of fur:

pink fur shoes

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These shoes are basically the unholy alliance between the fur sneakers above them, and the chunky white platforms that have been so popular this summer. I don’t like either trend, but perhaps you do? Drop me a comment and tell me what you think of these three pairs of unusual shoes: would you wear any of them?


  • The first heels by Charlotte Olympia are such a rip off of Greek designer’s Dukas heels. Do a search and you’ll see what I mean. But his are much better and more elegant, even with this heel. However, I don’t know if he was the one that ripped off the style in the first place. I have to do a search as well.

  • I really like the top ones until I figured out the heel (which I thought twas just a curved heel with a gold band) was a pair of legs. Now they just look silly to me.

    The other shoes are too ugly to mention. Yikes!

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