Celebrity Shoes: Kylie Minogue in high heels at Lisbon airport

fp_3229874_enf_minogue_kyliOh yeah, she’s definitely going to have to remove those babies for security, isn’t she?

I have to confess, I have been known to wear stilettos to the airport, although only because the higher the heel, the heavier the shoe tends to be, and by wearing the heaviest shoes on my feet, I have more room in my suitcase for… well, more shoes, generally. I do, however, change them for something more comfortable once I’m on the plane, which I’d imagine Kylie probably did, too.

What about you? Do you go for comfort or style when you travel?


  • I, Like you, have been known to wear my wedges or something equally as bulky onto the plane only to chage into ballet pumps when there.
    It means you have nice shoes on holiday without comprimising the weight in your luggage.


  • Comfort! I dread the idea of having to run across the airport in heels if I was running late or something.

  • I’m going to travel tomorow, wearing 7.5 cm heels. Wish me luck D: these are the higher heels I have, and I’m going to wear them only because my boyfriend is exactly 7.5 cm taller than me. I’m not used to heels, so I will probably cry in pain when I get out of the airport.

  • Those shoes are amazing! Trust me to want another black pair of heels when I already own enough to last me a lifetime.
    Last time I flew it was only a 3 hour flight and I was wearing Chucks so I was definately going for comfort.

  • I rarely fly, but when I do, I go for a bit of comfort, but not too much. That is to say, when I look sloppy, I don’t feel comfortable. I pretty much dress as I normally would, I suppose. And I don’t think much about shoes, but I’m sure I’d wear walking shoes, I’m just sure of it.

  • I usually have to transfer on international flights when going home and the time allotted is so short that I have run across Charles de Gaulle, Heathrow… and my hand luggage is so heavy that I’d rather not run in heels. I also suspect that Kylie won’t have to stand for an hour in the passport check/ security line. The other issue: how do you fit your legs in a plane seat wearing heels? And if you take them off how do you get them back on? Maybe if you only fly 1h that’s ok. Since I feel chatty: did you hear that Ryan Air has plans to have standing room on planes and you pay extra for a seat?

  • Style. I have found you get treated better by everyone – including the grumpy airline ground staff my airline tends to employ – when you are dressed up.

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