Celebrity Shoes: Lindsay Lohan’s knee boots n’ shorts combo

fp_3130933_lohan_lindsay_akNow, I don’t know. I’ve always tended towards the opinion that if it’s warm enough to wear short shorts, it’s too warm to wear knee boots with them (I speak for myself only here, obviously), but of course, I’m not Lindsay Lohan. There’s no denying, she looks comfortable and casual in thus outfit, and the boots are very cute: in fact, I’ve been looking for a pair just this colour for winter, so I’d quite like to know where she got these…

What does everyone else think? Would you wear knee boots with short-shorts, a la Lindsay?


  • I totally wear boots in the summer. (But we have kinda colder summers here in Prague – so I probably would be wearin the shorts with them). but I do like the look on LiLo. Comfy yet stylish..

  • No, that look wouldn’t fly where I live (U.S. Northeast). It gets too humid in the summers here and those boots would make feet sweat and smell something awful. But then again, Lindsay lives in Cali and that was where the Uggs + miniskirt look originated, so anything goes.

  • I’ve actually done this- I was working at the stables, and it was just too hot for anyone to wear riding pants- and it is comfy. Not something I’d ever wear outside the stables, though.

  • too warm down here!

    on the other hand, if I was Lindsay, I would go get a Big Mac, look at those toothpicks for legs!

  • I live in Canada, so I probably would wear that combo. In summer there are a lot of days that start out warm and then turn chilly, and vice versa. Boots n’ shorts would work well on those days.

    However, I hate those boots Lindsay is wearing. Hate the style, hate the color, hate everything about them.

  • I wouldn’t wear boots in the summer simply because I hate sweaty feet!
    As for Lindsay- I think she would have an easier time pulling off the boots + shorts combo if she put on a few pounds (my god that girl is skinny!) and went with some boots that were tighter about the calves, instead. I love the color, but she is swimming in them. IMHO, it’s kind of a sloppy look, but I’m no fashion expert.

  • i live in Jakarta – Indonesia. i love boots. but it always summer here. But Yes, we do wear boots and short. to the mall or in rainy day. because we’re not really lucky to have a weather to be an excuse to wear it, we just wear it anywhere we want in the name of fashion….

  • I’ve always loved the look of boots with something short (skirts/shorts/etc), but it is the most impractical combination in fashion! However, in my travels I came across stuff like this:


    Summer boots – light boots with holes for ventilation! Awesome!

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