Brian Atwood Hamper elaphe platform pumps

Brian Atwood colourblock patform pumps

Thought the colourblock trend was finally dying out? Well, think again: these Brian Atwood platforms combine shades of blue, green and red to create a look that’s become very familiar over the past couple of years, but which still managed to catch my eye as I scrolled through the “new in” section at Net-a-Porter yesterday. Well, it’s hard to ignore such a colourful shoe, isn’t it?

I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not the colourblocked look is too played out now for you to want to buy a pair of these: if you do, however, I think the three colours, although bright, work together really well, so you could find these more versatile than you might think.

Brian Atwood Hamper elaphe platform pumps, £533
Click here to buy them at Net-a-Porter


  • These are one of those shoes that I expect to really love, because I love all the individual elements, but once combined they leave me kind of ‘meh’…

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