Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 31: Black canvas wedges from Tesco

WHAT: Black canvas Tesco wedges (gift from my parents)
WHEN: Sunday, July 24th, 2011
WHERE: Day out in Edinburgh
WITH: Red skirt (River Island sale), black crop top (bought from a catalogue company about ten years ago!), Target sunglasses

Well, after promising myself I would get at least two pairs of shoes saved over the weekend, I totally failed to take any photos on either Friday or Saturday, choosing to spend my time vegging out instead. I made up for it on Sunday by taking at least a million and one photos of this one outfit, though, so rather than boring you with every last one of them, I’ve put a bunch of them up on Forever Amber instead, if any of you are particularly interested in how I spent my Sunday.

If you’re just here for the shoes, meanwhile, here they are:

And also my dog, who totally wasn’t asked to pose for this photo, but who did it anyway.

The shoes are a simple pair of black canvas wedges, which my parents gave me a few months ago. They’re the kind of shoes I wear to death in the summer, and the low heel makes them perfect for walking in, so they were an easy choice for a day I knew I’d be doing a fair bit of that.

First, though, I headed to the airport to look at the planes:

We discovered a spot near the end of the runway where you can stand and watch the planes land. It was pretty scary, although not as bad as the runway we found in the Canary Islands one year, where the planes touch down mere seconds after flying over your head…

After watching them for a bit, we headed off to the countryside nearby for a walk.

It was a really beautiful day, and we saw some beautiful scenery, too.

I wore this red, 50s style skirt, which is one of a few things I got from the River Island sale a few weeks ago. I might have gotten a bit carried away there, to be honest. With it: a crop top. Yes, a crop top. I’ve actually had this top for about ten years, and came very close to getting rid of it last time I cleared out my closet, thinking I’d never, ever wear a crop top again in my life. But I pulled it out yesterday morning and liked the way it looked with the skirt, so I decided to give it a whirl. I mean that literally:

Well, of course I HAD to whirl in that skirt, didn’t I?

This week I WILL do better with my shoe challenge. Shoes WILL be saved. Just maybe not in quite such a nice setting…


  • I loved the skirt! And for a sunny day, matching in a beautiful way – the wedges were perfect! Black, red, black, I totally love this!
    And wow, what for a picture with the airplane! You mentioned Canary Islands, but St Martin is also scary! Well, any place very close to an airport, of course!
    Yay to saving shoes! And waiting for more lovely pictures! You look so happy in these ones! Very very sweet and beautiful!

  • I tried that red skirt on and loved it. But was actually looking for a pencil skirt at the time so I didn’t buy it. Lovely photos!

  • I love the skirt, wish I had one myself, I’ve been searching for something simalar but with no luck.
    I agree with Denise, the combination of red and black is my favourite.

  • I had no idea you could get that close to Cammo Tower, my husband is always talking about going so I’ll need to show him these photos.

  • Is anything more beautiful than a Scottish summer’s day?

    The photos make me a wee bit homesick for those perfect 24 degree days in July – no humidity.

    That is the downside of Sydney – the dampness and the humidity and the mould on the shoes, the leather pencil skirts.

    It is winter here just now so your outfit and the planes are making me nostalgic in a good way.

    Welcome home and back to the Shoe Challenge!

  • I just love your whole outfit, especially that skirt! It’s the perfect colour, length and style – I’m having some serious skirt envy here! Your photoshoot location looks lovely, too.

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