ASOS ‘Hit On’ heeled sandals

ASOS 'Hit On' heeled sandals

ASOS 'Hit On' heeled sandals

ASOS 'Hit On' heeled sandals

 ASOS ‘Hit On’ heeled sandals, £45

After the success of last week’s ASOS shop (the results of which can be seen here, if you’re particularly interested…), I’ve been keeping an even closer eye on the site’s shoe section than I usually do. I don’t really expect to find anything quite as show-stopping as last week’s ‘Poppy’ bow shoes, but the unusually-named ‘Hit On’ sandals did manage to pique my interest.

Available in two different colourways, both of which are shown above, these shoes are a standard, on-strap summer sandal, with the sphere on the toe strap being the stand-out detail. We’ve seen this kind of thing before, of course (Vivienne Westwood x Melissa’s ‘Orb’ peep toes spring to mind), but it’s still a bit more unusual than the bows and brooches which normally decorate shoes, which is why I thought these were worth mentioning.

Although the orb detail isn’t something I’d go looking for in a shoe, necessarily, I do like it: it’s different and eye-catching, without being too odd-looking, and I also like the colour contrast used here – particularly on the pink version. Overall, they’re a fun summer sandal, although you can probably expect to get a few interested questions from friends who just don’t “get” shoes about why you’re balancing a tiny ball on your toe. (I can’t be the only one who gets endless questions, even about shoes that I consider pretty unremarkable, can I?)

These are, however, rather dangerously priced: £45 isn’t a lot for shoes, obviously, but it’s the kind of price that encourages impulse-buys (as I discovered last week!), and when you’re buying the shoes in question from a site that also happens to be stuffed full of beautiful dresses, well, just don’t blame me when your credit card starts screaming for mercy, is all I’m saying!

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  • I fell in love with the lilac / grey version of these shoes and ordered them. I was a little disappointed with them when they arrived though, simply because the heel is five inches high and there is no platform so your foot is pretty much vertical… I love a high heel but these were too much for me x

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