Bag-all Shoe Organizing Bag Set

Bag-all Shoe Organizing Bag Set

Bag-all Shoe Organizing Bag Set, $52

Today’s shoe isn’t actually a shoe at all (sorry about that: come back tomorrow for more ACTUAL shoes!) – it’s a shoe BAG. As in, a bag with a shoe on the front – or, to be more specific, a set of bags, with pictures of lots of different shoes on the front.

(My favourite is the one with the studded Pigalles. You could’ve guessed that, though, right?)

If you’re thinking this is a kind of pointless idea, hear me out. I actually have a small collection of bags like this: some are the dust bags which came with shoes themselves (if you buy expensive shoes, you usually get a couple of little dust bags to keep them in: I guess it’s supposed to help you feel like you’re getting a bit more for your money!), and I find them really useful, both at home, and for travel.

I don’t store my shoes in boxes or bags at home (I know a lot of people swear by this, but shoes in boxes take up a lot more space than shoes themselves, and I just don’t have the room for 100+ shoe boxes), but I do use bags like this to store and organise smaller items like tights, hair accessories etc. They can then just be popped into your suitcase like that when you travel, so you don’t reach your destination and find them scattered around your case: they’re most useful, however, for holding shoes themselves when you’re travelling. As a shoe-lover, I don’t like to travel light, and will normally take quite a few pairs of shoes with me anywhere I go – which I then worry about getting damaged if they rub up against other items (or even each other) in my suitcase. Bags like this solve that issue – and they look cute, too. They’d also make a nice gift for a shoe lover – one to bear in mind for Christmas and birthdays!

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  • If the bags are made of cloth instead of plastic for one shoe alone, I can see using them for storing my heels while traveling, but to put both shoes directly together means they will rub against each other unless you wrap them individually anyway.

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