Acne black ‘Agate’ pom-pom sandals

Ooh! I used to make pom-poms just like that when I was a kid! You know, with the two circles of cardboard, and the wool? OK, so maybe mine didn’t turn out exactly like the ones on these black sandals. Mine were probably a little more straggly and sad looking. But still: if only I’d thought to attach them to a pair of shoes, I could’ve sold them for £485 per pair and been rich by now – rich, I tells ya!

Ah, well. We can’t all be shoe designers! The pom-poms on these sandals are detachable, and I think that’s a very good thing, because I can’t imagine a single situation in my life in which I’d be likely to want or need to wear shoes that look like this. Once you force your eyes away from the “clown” element, however, there’s actually a really nice shoe hidden underneath: it’s just a shame the embellishments are so very distracting!


  • I only kinda like the pom-poms, while the actual shoes look somewhat clunky and boring. And plastic, to boot (the kind of plastic they use to make toy soldiers).

  • They are leather, but carefully designed to look like the came as a home assembly kit. Well what do you expect, we are talking about Acne…

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