Shoe Save # 52/77: Pink Platforms

pink satin platform shoes

WHAT: Pink Dune platforms
WHEN: Saturday, October 15th, 2011
WITH: Black dress (River Island)

These shoes are from Dune-via-TKMaxx, and I was actually a little bit worried about how I’d manage to save them, because the bright  pink satin uppers don’t really lend themselves to casual wear, and I don’t tend to go to a lot of parties. Luckily, we had a very special party to attend on Saturday night (more details about that on my personal blog, if anyone’s interested), so out came the pink shoes!

Despite being high, these are surprisingly comfortable, and I managed to dance in them all night without any issues. The shoes themselves weren’t quite so lucky, however, and ended up looking a little bit the worse for all that dancing – the perils of satin uppers, I guess!

I may have saved these shoes, however, but I’m actually no further forward with my Shoe Challenge, because as you may have noticed from the title of this post, my shoe collection increased by two more pairs this week (more on those later!) one step forward, two steps back! If my calculations are right (and, er, they’re probably not), by the end of this week we’ll have just 16 Shoe-Saving weeks left, and I have 25 pairs left to save: time to step up my game, I think!


  • Daisy says:

    You’ll manage just fine! Towards the end of my challenge I was saving shoes every day! Very curious for your new shoes btw, but I’ve always really loved these hot pink ones, glad they got saved. :)

  • MsVeve says:

    Love these shoes! (Only: are the tag stickers still on the soles? – which is totally my pet peeve. Why do stores put those damned stickers on anyways? Sometimes they can be so HARD to take off!!)

  • Tracey says:

    Love those shoes, I agree they’d be hard to just wear around. Already mentioned on your other blog that I love the dress.

  • Denise says:

    I looove these shoes – the style and the color, so beautiful! And the dress too – by the way, the photos are great, blurred or not, simply great! Looking forward to seeing the new shoes!

  • Elizabeth says:

    your hair looks amazing,

  • Maca says:

    LOVE the hair! Very Veronica Lake/ Jessica Rabbit :D
    The dress is gorgeous, perfect with those hot HOT shoes.
    How did you manage to get that high sort of wave on the top of your head?

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