Zara green suede strappy sandals

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Zara green suede strappy sandals, £49.99

On Sunday afternoon, I made a quick trip to Zara, and although I didn’t actually go in looking for shoes (for once) that didn’t stop me finding them anyway. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say THEY found ME, because these green strappy sandals quite literally caught my eye across a crowded room, and before I knew what had happened, I’d walked across to pick them up and coo over them.

This is what I think of as a very “Zara” kind of shoe. The brand tends to release a style like this every summer, with a strappy, almost boot-like upper, in brightly coloured suede. This season the colour in question is green, and while that obviously gets my vote, these also come in black, too, if you’re not quite as obsessed as I am.

These are the kind of shoes that are much nicer in person. Judging by the image alone, I’d probably overlook them, purely because I’m not very keen on sandals which cover quite as much of the foot as these do, but in person I really liked them, and think they’d make a fantastically sexy addition to anyone’s summer shoe wardrobe.

As for mine, well, these didn’t join in on this occasion, unfortunately (Although if they go on sale, that might be another matter altogether…) but I DID end up buying a pair of those stripe-front pumps I showed you a couple of weeks ago. I still wish they were higher, and could live without the white tip on the heel, but I found I liked them a lot more in person than I’d expected to, and the very reasonable price tag decided it. Well, I couldn’t keep on showing you all those pairs of stripey shoes without buying at least one of them, could I?

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  • Thanks for posting these! I fell in love with them as soon as I saw the pictures.

    I picked a pair this weekend and I must say that they seem quite comfortable. I can’t wait to wear them once the weather warms up!

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