Yves Saint Laurent platform wedge sandals and boots

The title of this post didn’t really prepare you for what was inside, did it? I mean, yeah, sure, these ARE platform wedges. But WHAT platform wedges they are!

Now, we could talk about the suede t-bar or the leather bootie. We could do that. But really, there’s not much point when that WEDGE is in the picture, is there? It’s practically jumping up and down, waving its hands (If wedges HAD hands, of course…) in the air and yelling “Look at me! Look at me!”

OK, shoes, we’re looking, we’re looking! Calm down!

We’re looking, but are we liking, that is the question? Well, I am. Liking looking, I mean. Would I like to own them or wear them? Not so much. The gold/silver is a bit too much to allow it to merge seamlessly into my wardrobe, but I do appreciate the design of these: the concertina-style wedge is one of those features that make we want to reach out and touch it… or to just put it on display.

What do you think? These are $995 for the shoes and $1095 for the boots: click here to buy them.


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