Shoe ReDo | What to wear with a pink skirt?

If you read my personal blog, Forever Amber, you’ll probably already know about my current obsession with pink skirts, so it’ll come as no surprise to you to learn that as soon as I saw this one on the Topshop website, I was a little bit smitten:

pink a-line skirt from Topshop

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Unlike the full, midi-length skirts I’ve been wearing so often, this one has a shorter hem and an A-line shape, which gives it a bit of a 60s-inspired feel. I really like the fact that Topshop have paired this with a grey, top, too, pink and grey being one of my current favourite colour combinations, so I was feeling inspired to recreate this look… until I scrolled down to the shoes:

pink skirt and birkenstock shoes


Now, no offence to people who love Birkenstock-style sandals: they’re obviously popular for a reason, and I’m guessing the reason has a lot to do with comfort. (I’m fairly sure that’s NOT why Topshop have used them here, mind you!) Personally, though, they’re not what I would choose to wear with this particular skirt, so I decided to have a go at finding something I liked a little better. Here’s the shortlist:

shoe selection

Clockwise from right: ASOS // Lucy Choi // Dune  // Vince Camuto // F&F // Nicholas Kirkwood

My first thought here was to play up the 60s feel of the skirt with some similarly 60s-inspired boots. I figured white calf boots might end up looking a little bit costumey, so I went in search of some of the many block-heeled styles that were everywhere last season, only to find there’s not too many of them still around. I did manage to find a couple of pairs, like the ASOS ankle straps at the top right of the photo, but I also quite liked the white pointed heels, which are from Tesco’s F&F line, and offer a modern take on 60s style.

Of course, although I think all of these styles would work (and I like to go for slightly lower heels with a skirt that hits above the knee), my own personal preference would be for the perfect colour match provided by Dune’s ‘Haggerston’ t-bars, which, coincidentally, have also been on on my “to be blogged about” list for a couple of weeks. I would, however, probably stick to the grey/silver accents, purely to tone down the “Elle Woods” effect, leaving me with something a bit like this:

what to wear with a pink skirt

What to wear with a pink skirt:

shoes // skirt // bag // watch // top

Of course, this is purely how I’D style this skirt: I’d love to hear how you’d wear it, too. What shoes would you choose to wear something like this, and how would you style it?


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