4 Bras Every Woman Should Own

The title of this post is probably just a little bit optimistic: just as there’s no such thing as a “one size/style fits all” solution for clothing, different women will obviously have different requirements for their lingerie, too.

Rather than this being a guide to the bras EVERY women should own, then, let’s just think of it as a guide to the bras that are useful to have in your collection, OK? Good outfits, after all, start with good lingerie, so here are four of the bras I wouldn’t want to be without…


black t-shirt bra

The t-shirt bra is probably one of the simplest styles out there, and, as the name suggests, its designed to be worn under a t-shirt – or any other close-fitting item of clothing you don’t want to look lumpy due to an excess of lace, or other embellishments. This is probably the one style I couldn’t live without: I wear a lot of t-shirts/tanks, and I find that fancier bras normally look really visible underneath them, thanks to all of the lace and bows. The  t-shirt style, on the other hand, is basically the bra equivalent of the no VPL knicker: no, it’s not particularly sexy (especially in my preferred shade of “nude” – chosen purely so it doesn’t show through my top), but damn, is it ever useful.


2-pack strapless bras

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If, like me, you tend to wear a lot of bardot tops, or other off-the-shoulder styles, a strapless bra is definitely a good investment. These can be a little tricky to wear, and a lot of the cheaper versions will end up just slipping down: for that reason, I sometimes find a bandeau style bra a better option.



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For all of those other tricky dresses and tops, a multiway bra is your BFF. These have straps which can be switched around and worn in a variety of different ways, so they’ll work with halternecks, strapless dresses – you name it. If you tend to wear a lot of plunging necklines, however, you might also need…


plunge bra

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I actually DON’T wear a lot of plunging necklines, but I have the kind of bodyshape that means that even a basic v-neck can look borderline indecent on me, making one of these a good idea, unless I want to be constantly flashing my undies at everyone I meet!

So! Those are my four essentials: what are yours?

a guide to finding the perfect bra for your dress

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