Topshop ‘Laney’ nautical patent sandals

If February was The Month of River Island around here, I hereby give you fair warning that March is looking very likely to be The Month of Topshop. I’ve been really impressed with their shoe collection this season, and could happily spend a small fortune there. I’m not going to, though, because I’ve already spent all my money on summer dresses, which I won’t be able to wear for MONTHS yet. I am awesome like that. Instead, I’m going to tempt all of you with lovely shoes instead, and the first pair I’m bringing you from the Top of Shops is these ‘Laney’ sandals, which will really help you get your nautical on this summer, no?

In the classic mix of red, white and blue (like a flag, but for your feet), these will look good with shorts, dresses, jeans, oh, you name it. I’d wear them with a white sundress, to really let them shine, but they’ll be versatile enough to work with so many other summer outfits too.

These are £75: click here to buy them.


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