Topshop ‘Kingston’ tan brogues with contrast platform

There are a lot of things I could say about these shoes.

I’m not going to say them, though: well, you all know by now that brogues just aren’t my thing, and not even the addition of a Kelly green sole, or my newfound appreciation for colourblocking is going to change my mind, I’m afraid. (These are shoes that would probably best be described as “sensible”. I don’t do “sensible” unless I absolutely have to.)

I know lots of my readers love brogues, though (or just don’t like heels), so I’m keen to know what you think of this variation on the classic design? And those of you who’re with me in the “no brogues” camp: does the colourful sole change your mind at all?

These are £60: click here to buy them at Topshop.


  • I’ve recently started liking brogues but only the smaller, daintier kind. I’m pretty short so ones in that style look stupid on my feet.

    Speaking of sensible shoes…have you seen the red dalmatian print loafers in Topshop? I NEED them!

  • Some I like, but not this one, in fact not. When I saw them I thought they were male’s shoes (well, why not)… no, these ones are not for me.

  • On Saturday I saw a girl on the train in the most beautiful pair of Brogues, and subsequently spent a good proportion of my day in London scoping out ‘Brogues I want to buy’. As a rule, I do love brogues anyway, but I have to say, these are hideous!!! The whole point of brogues to me is that they are a classic design, and if you want to glam it up, or make it a bit more funky you buy them in different variations of colour, but never ever with a hideous green platform. No! No! No! No! No!

  • I love brogues–in fact I’m wearing a pair right now–but I absolutely hate that green sole. That combo hurts my eyes.

  • These do seem to be a toned down version of the Prada shoes with the massive multi colored sole. What do you guys think of the Jeffrey Campbell Ad Long? I sooo want a pair!

  • I think the sole’s too thick. It’s pushing them into creeper territory, which is a whole new level of fugly. If these were just classic brogues with a thin, fairly subtle, unexpected flash of green at the bottom, I would probably like them. As it is, they’re just a bit too… Topshop.

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