Shoe Shopping With Shoeperwoman: Pretty peep toes and flashy flats at River Island


I walked into River Island earlier this month and literally stopped in my tracks at the sight of these. I’d somehow managed to overlook them on the website – possibly because they looked much better in real life – but as soon as I spotted them, I was already mentally adding them to my Wish List. They’re £59.99, and in a style River Island have been doing a lot of this year- long may it continue, because they’re the kind of black peep toes I can imagine getting lots and lots of use out of!

Here’s a close-up of the toe:


And here’s a pair of super-sparkly flats I spotted on the same trip:


They were £24.99, and no, the fact that this particular pair is my size doesn’t mean I bought them: they were a little too gaudy even for me, but they did catch my eye!



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