Dune ‘Wizard’ bow peeptoe wedges

You know, I’m kind of glad I’m discovering these shoes in August, rather than in, say, April. If I’d come across them in April, you see, I’d probably be £90 poorer by now, having convinced myself that I could not live without that cute little bow, that fabulous cream-and-black colour combination, that high wedge heel. I’m actually feeling a lot like that right now, to be completely honest, but the peep toe, and the knowledge that it’ll soon be too cold to wear one, is holding me back. It’s really the ONLY thing holding me back, though. Well, that and the fact that I don’t actually HAVE a spare £90 lying around, that is.

I loved these at first sight, however, and I’m also rather taken with the metallic version:

A really nice party shoe, with a comfortable looking wedge, which shouldn’t leave you crippled by the end of the night, like some other evening shoes I could mention.

Like them? They’re £90, and you can click here to buy them from Dune.


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