Dolcis gold heart-cut court shoes


gold heart cut-out shoes

Dolcis gold heart cut-out shoes, £30

In my last post I mentioned how I’d briefly thought the laser-cut shapes on the upper were hearts. Well, for this one I figured I’d see if there actually were any shoes that met that description, and here they are! These are by Dolcis, and they have an all-over heart print, on a gold upper. That upper isn’t leather, as you’l l probably have guessed from the £30 price tag, but they’re still very sweet, not to mention as versatile as only a pair of gold pumps can be.

These also come in a black patent, which I’m not quite as keen on: I think the gold version, in addition to being that bit dressier, also looks a touch more expensive: for £30, you can’t expect miracles, but wearing “cheap” shoes doesn’t necessarily have to mean looking like you’re wearing cheap shoes, does it? Of course, that will, to some extent, come down to how you choose to style the shoes in question, so here’s how I’d choose to style these ones:

What to wear with gold court shoes:

green and gold outfit

Green and gold outfit with crop top and full skirt:

♥  green full skirt  ♥   black crop top  ♥ green onyx cocktail ring   ♥ black clutch bag 

This skirt is £295, which puts it well and truly out of my budget, which is something of a tragedy, because it was love at first sight, so I was desperately hoping it would turn out to be from Zara or somewhere, so I’d have a chance of buying it. (And no, the fact that I already have a skirt in almost this colour doesn’t make me want it any less. Funny that.) The fact that it looks every bit as expensive as it is, however, would make it easier to get away with the budget shoes: and I’ve always been a huge fan of green and gold!




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