Topshop ‘Gosford’ slipper vamp courts

Topshop 'Gosford' pink high heels

Topshop leopard print heels
Topshop ‘Gosford‘, £60

I don’t like “slipper” style shoes.

I don’t like very high vamps.

I shouldn’t like Topshop’s ‘Gosford’ pumps AT ALL, then, under the circumstances, but actually? I kind of love them. Or, at least, I definitely LIKE them: which isn’t something I ever thought I’d hear myself saying about a shoe that can be described using the word “slipper”.

You may well be able to use the word “slipper” to describe these, however, but there are lots of other words that would work here, too. I’m thinking “striking”, “elegant” and “unusual” would all do for starters: these are the kind of shoes that are really impossible to ignore, and which have such an amazing silhouette that I just can’t help but stare at them.

Would I actually WEAR them, though? Well, the jury’s out on that one. I think they’re stunning to look at, but as I mentioned above, I’m not keep on very high vamps, which I think can have a shortening effect on the legs. My legs are short enough already, thanks very much, so they definitely don’t need any extra help, and I have a feeling that if I tried these on, I’d want to buy them… but would end up simply placing them on the shelf and never wearing them: not a good idea.

Still: at least they don’t look like ACTUAL slippers, huh?

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