Buffalo ‘Bilette’ metallic court shoes

gold court shoes silver court shoes

Buffalo ‘Bilette’, £43.50

Metallic shoes have always been kryptonite for me, to one extent or another. I’ve talked a lot here about their versatility, and how easily they can be used to dress up an outfit, so I won’t repeat myself too much, other than to note that if I had to choose one shoe colour – and ONLY one shoe colour – to wear for the rest of the year, I would definitely go for gold, safe in the knowledge that it really would go with absolutely EVERYTHING I own.

(Note: I really hope no one ever presents me with that particular challenge, by the way. I mean, I COULD get by with only gold shoes, but I REALLY wouldn’t enjoy it much…)

As you would expect from all of this, I have a few pairs of gold pumps in my collection, both flats and heels. I don’t, however, have a pair with closed, pointed toes, so when I spotted these ones by Buffalo, I realised I’d found the missing link in my shoe collection. These come in four different metallic shades: the gold and silver versions pictured, plus navy and black, both of which are slightly more subtle, but still have plenty of sparkle.

In addition to the metallic colourways, these also have a lot going for them in terms of shape. The uppers are synthetic, but the insoles are leather, and although they’re only £43.50, the shape is one I’d normally associate with a much more expensive shoe.

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