Topshop ‘Aloof’ red suede shoe boots

red suede shoe boots

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Topshop ‘Aloof’ shoe boots, £72

Well, I managed to go an entire day without featuring any shoes from Topshop. Go me! That day was yesterday, though, and yesterday’s gone. Today is a new day, and yup, you guessed it, I’ve been back on the Topshop website again, looking at all of the amazing shoes, and plotting ways to make them mine.

The object of today’s affection is these ‘Aloof’ shoe boots, which are almost perfect. I spoke about my love of red suede boots last month, and these ones went straight onto my wish list, because they’re exactly what I’ve been looking for, AND at a price that doesn’t make me pass out with shock. The colour is fabulous, the shape is suitably simply (When it comes to bright red boots, I think the shape HAS to be simple: the colour is really enough of a statement on its own!), and I COULD go on gushing over them, but I think you get the picture.

I said these were “almost” perfect. Very few shoes (or clothes, for that matter) are TOTALLY perfect, and if I could change one thing about these, it would be the ankle opening, which is a little higher, and wider (at least on the Topshop model) than I’d like. The beauty of shoe boots is the fact that they have the fit and shape of a shoe, with the warmth of a boot, and for that to really work, the top needs to sit fairly low on the foot. That’s a very small quibble, though, and it definitely wouldn’t stop me buying these if I had the spare cash. In fact, it wouldn’t stop me buying them in both colours, both the red and the beige/tan/nude/whatever you want to call it that’s also available. (And on that subject, where on earth were these last winter, when I was searching high and low for nude shoe boots, I ask you?)

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