Shoe Deja Vu: Gucci’s ‘Devendra’ Vs Laura Scott’s fringed boots


Laura Scott isn’t the only designer to find Gucci’s fringed ‘Devendra’ boots “inspiring”,  just the latest one, but although the boots on the right aren’t exactly the same as the ones on the left, I was definitely reminded of the Gucci’s when I found the Laura Scott versions at Look Again.

I loved the ‘Devendra’ boots when they first came out, but don’t think the shorter length of the “inspired” version quite works, somehow. If you do, they’re £59 from Look Again.

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  • You know, I had a pair of white fringed leather boots back in the 80’s, and I just can’t stomach the thought of the fringes all over again. Even if they’re not white.

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