The Melina wedge knee boot by Melody Ehsani


A couple of days ago I said that every superhero needs a good pair of boots. Well, I think I just found mine.

These are by Melody Ehsani, and they just scream “superhero”. The gold trim is the detail that does it, I think, but the wedge heel, plus the pointed shape of the leg, also gives these a bit of a futuristic/comic book look that really appeals to be (naturally). That wedge should also mean that although the heel is high, it should be relatively easy to walk on – always a good thing, especially in boots that you’re probably going to be wearing in the slippery winter months.

(Why do I always find boots I love during summer? Gah.)

Although they initially looked black on my monitor, these are actually a deep purple. Which I think makes them even better.

Buy: The Melina Wedge Boot by Melody Ehsani, $280


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