Ted Baker ‘Tied’ bow-front Mary Janes

Ted Baker flip-flops

With my upcoming vacation just a couple of weeks away, I have summer shoes on the brain (more so than usual, I mean), and have even been finding myself lusting after flip-flops/thongs/whatever you prefer to call them.

Now, I know a lot of people absolutely loathe flip-flops, but I can’t share the hate, and while I don’t wear them too often at home (unless I’ve just painted my toenails, that is!), I find them really handy on vacation for trips to the beach or pool, or just for hanging around the hotel room. (Admission: I have a bit of a “thing” about bare feet on unfamiliar rugs and carpets, so flip-flops can be handy to have around in those situations: you can even wear them in the shower if it’s not quite as clean as you’d like, although asking to change rooms might be a better solution to that one…) And some of them are actually really cute, too: these Ted Baker ones, for example, cost a little more than I’d usually spend on thongs (I think my most expensive pair were some Havaianas, which I picked up on sale for around $8), they definitely win in the “cute” stakes, with that oversized bow!

Luckily for me, my lovely mum actually picked up a similar pair in the Next Clearance store a couple of weeks ago, so I’l be taking those with me to the beach next month: if you like these ones, though, they come in four different colours, and are £33 at Sarenza: click here to buy a pair.

Ted Baker bow flip flops


  • I have a bit of a weird claustrophobia thing with my feet. As much as I adore my heels as soon as it gets warm I have to get my feet out on the open, otherwise I start to feel like I’m suffocating! Peep toes help to ease my anxiety, but you can’t beat flip flops! These ones are particularly cute.

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