Ted Baker ‘Jemmee’ mint green jelly flats

Ted Baker 'Jemmee' mint green jelly flats

Ted Baker ‘Jemmee’ flats, £64

 I talk a lot about jelly shoes here (and own quite a few pairs of them, too), and while I know a lot of people continue to look down on them, no one’s ever going to convince me they’re not one of the most practical pairs of shoes around for the good ol’ UK summer, and its endless days of rain. I mean, sure, you COULD pull on a pair of wellies for the walk to work, but they wouldn’t look nearly as cute as these Ted Baker flats, and your boss probably won’t take too kindly to you clomping around the office in them all day either, meaning you’ll have to take a second pair of shoes to change into. Hey, isn’t it supposed to be winter that requires multiple pairs of footwear in the same day? Don’t you just LOVE British summertime?

Anyway, whining about the weather aside, these little flats will solve all your problems. Well, not ALL of them, obviously: there’s the still the issue of how you’re going to manage to throw that outdoor party you were planning in the torrential rain, but at least your shoes will be sorted, huh? And that’s the main thing, after all.

These are pretty enough to wear almost anywhere: being flats, you’ll be able to walk in them, dance in them, do whatever you like in them, but the main benefit is that you’ll also be able to stay dry in them, and not worry about ruining your shoes in yet another puddle. More stylish than wellies, and also more comfortable, they’re practical party shoes – and it’s not often I get to say THOSE words in the same sentence, trust me.

(Yes, the tops of your feet will still get wet in the rain, so that’s one advantage wellies have over them. That’s also what towels are for, though, so problem solved…)

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