ASOS ‘Patience’ purple high heels

ASOS 'Patience' purple high heels

ASOS 'Patience' purple high heels

ASOS ‘Patience’ purple high heels, £40

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking about how there aren’t enough pairs of purple shoes in the world, and now here I am showing you a second pair in the same month. I guess they’re like the buses: you wait forever, and then they all come along at the same time!

These shoes are by ASOS, and they also come in ivory. This lilac version, however, really stands out, and not just because of the colour: they also have a really interesting shape, with a caged front and squared-off toe. That toe initially gave me pause: square toes are my least favourite shape on shoes, because I think they can look really clumsy and awkward. These aren’t quite as square as some, however, and I think the delicacy of the rest of the upper makes up for it, as does the low vamp and high stiletto heel. They’re actually very elegant, and that’s not something I thought I’d ever say in the same sentence as “square toed shoes”, so I guess they’re doing something right!

The other thing they’re doing right is the t-bar strap, which works wonderfully well with the rest of the design. Of course, the price doesn’t hurt either: £40 is pretty reasonable for shoes, although, this being ASOS, you just KNOW you’re going to find a little sneaky something else to add to your basket before checkout, don’t you? Well, it would be a shame to not even LOOK, and if you can pick yourself up a discount code somewhere, then so much the better. Just don’t allow yourself to stray into the dress section: if you’re anything like me,  that’s NEVER good for the ol’ bank account! (Or the beauty section. Or knitwear. Or… you get the idea.)

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