Soft frills satin peep toe shoes by Karen Millen

karen-millen-peep-toesMost of the interest of these shoes lies in the greatly be-ruffled heels. From the front, they look just like a rather ordinary pair of satin peep toes, but from the back it’s all change, making them something of a “mullet” style – business in front, party at the back.

I’m not totally sure how I feel about them. The ruffles look a little bit like a baby’s bonnet to me, so I can’t quite shake the feeling that the shoes are wearing some kind of hat. That aside, though, I do love the metal strip down the back of the stiletto! They’re £120 at Karen Millen.


  • I like them a lot, I think they used just enough frills, not too much not to little. I could prescind of the peep though.

  • do you know where i can get these, either a store or a website?? i would like them for my wedding they are super cute!!!

    • I’ve answered this question twice now via email and once on Formspring, but I’ll answer it again for the third time here: I don’t sell shoes, I am not a shoe shop. These shoes, as the post states are “by Karen Millen”, therefore Karen Millen would be the store to contact regarding shipping. I can’t help you, so I would appreciate it if you would stop repeatedly posting the same question on my blog and on Formspring.

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