Ted Baker Hania pointed bow back court shoes in pink


It’s funny how tastes change. A few years back, almost all of my shoes had pointy toes. Now they just look a bit dated to me, and I haven’t bought a pair in… well, years. (Other than pointy-toed platforms, which somehow look more modern.)

With that said, though, the shape of these shoes is perfect for the colour and style, and I don’t think a rounder toe would’ve worked half as well. Bows on heels have been becoming increasingly popular over the past few months, but although I’m not really a “pink” girl, I particularly like the pink/purple colour mix, as well as the outsized bow, which has a bit of a “fairytale” look to it. It’s the same bow and colour scheme as Ted Baker’s ‘Lana’ slingbacks, which I showed you back in August, so if you liked those, these are a nice way to wear the same style into winter.

Ted Baker Hania Pointed Bow Back Court Shoe, £90


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